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please read below 

Thank you to everyone that has supported us through thick and thin. 

When Covid hit and we got shut down yall came through and helped our staff BIG TIME. we will forever be grateful for yalls loyalty and being there with us every step of the way.

As with everything the journey of Quise101 has come to an end but we aren't going anywhere yet just a simple rebranding and new ownership to start a new chapter in our lives. As of 7/15/2022 is Shut down and will be redirecting to our new website and will eventually become a dead link when the timer for that subscription ends

please make sure to book and favorite the new website so you don't lose it. the google listing will be changing as well within the next week or so and that'll be it.

there will be a new and updated booking application that has been implemented and will take some time to work out any kinks so please provide our staff with feedback so I can make necessary adjustments. 

Thank you to everyone and see you at your next appointment.

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